Best Kayak FishFinder Brands

kayak fish finderAt kayak fish finder dot net we’re constantly updating our products to ensure that you find the best kayak fish finder to suit your boat and your budget.

Below are just a few of the products we have available followed by a brief description and history of the best Kayak Fish Finder makers and most popular all round fish finders for all types and sizes of boats.

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Top name  Kayak Fish Finder brands available including:

Below is a brief description and history of the most reputable and best Kayak Fish Finder developers.

Undoubtedly the most well known kayak fish finder manufacturer, Humminbird has been researching and developing cutting edge technology within the fish finder industry for over 30 years. Humminbird has been extremely instrumental in developing a huge range of marine electronics including kayak fish finders, fish finders, depth sounders (Sometimes referred to as echo sounders) sonar systems, marine radios and GPS systems. Based in the USA hummingbird fish finders have become extremely popular among kayak fishermen and their smart cast wrist mounted series is becoming increasingly popular in all fishing environments and an excellent choice if contemplating buying a compact fish finder. More about Humminbird Here
Furuno Marine Electronics is probably the oldest fish finder developer and has a long standing reputation for building extremely high quality and reliable fish finder units as well as GPS (Global Positioning Systems,) auto steering devices, Radar systems and navigation technology including chart plotters, Navtex, Weather Gax UHF and VHF communication as well as single and side band radios. Although most of their fish finders are sometimes considered too large to be used effectively as a small kayak fishfinder, the owners of larger kayaks have reported excellent results in using Furuno products. They also pride themselves in building a range of other power boating and sailing accessories as well as their impressive range of fish finders and Marine Electronics.
Based in New Zealand, the Navman company was fist set up in 1988 and has become an established leader in Marine Electronics with their vast range of high quality Global Positioning Systems and related products related to the marine industry. They have several smaller models which can be utilized as a kayak fish finder. They also boast a large range of measuring instruments for wind speed, depth gauges, auto steering, chart plotters, fuel flow regulators as well as fuel gauges. Although their main product range is targeted towards GPS, several of their fish finding units have been used successfully as fish finders for smaller vessels.
An extremely big name is Global Positioning Systems, Garmin’s cutting edge technology has become a household name in many boating enthusiast’s homes. While a global leader in Marine Electronics, Garmin also serves the Aviation and Automotive industries with their innovative range of tracking and navigation devices. Their Line up of fish finders is impressive with several hand held devices available which can be used for a kayak.
Lowrance has been around almost as long as Furuno and are well established as global leaders within the electronics industry. Their GPS are world re-known for excellent quality and craftsmanship and robust design. Well known for their reliability, Lowrance products include Global Position Systems, Sonar devices, and sport fishing products. Constantly researching and developing new technology, Lowrance took a huge leap forward during 2004/2005 in releasing 21 new additions to their line of excellent products. They have since remained world leaders in their field of GPS and aviation navigation systems as well as their fish finders. Like Furuno their range is considered somewhat large for smaller boats but have become a favorite  fish finder for those with larger kayaks.
Synonymous with portable and hand held fish finders, the Hawkeye range of innovative and technically advanced products stand alone as the most practical kayak fish finder device for use in both fresh and salt water fishing applications applications. Having to constantly change positions in his boat to view his fish finder, the man who conceived the idea, then took it to a group of technicians who developed and manufactured a portable model ideally suitable for a kayak fish finder. As a result Norcross Marine was given birth too and now stand alone in the eyes of many kayak fishermen when considering a suitable fish finder for their kayaks
SI-Tex Electronics
A Major division of Koden Electronics who were responsible for developing the first CRT color fish finders and Color CRT Marine Radar, Si-Tex Electronics now manufacturer and sell several excellent kayak fish finder models. Si-Tex are also world renown builders of GPS systems, Radar, Marine Chart Plotters, and many other Marine Electronics devices including Auto Steering Systems , VHF radios and the Liquid Crystal color fish finder.
Ray Marine
Another world leader in Marine Electronics, Raymarine develop and produce a vast array of products targeted toward the sport fishing and the light marine industries. Their range of products include fish finding equipment systems, Global Position Systems, (GPS) Auto Pilot Systems, Chart Plotters, Satellite Navigation Systems and Software including kayak fish finders.


Unless you live in the middle of a desert, regardless of where you live in the world, there is always the opportunity to take up kayak fishing as a hobby or sport. It’s increase in popularity has largely been due to modern technology. This doesn’t only apply to electronics, but rather right across the board in the manufacture of  fishing kayaks and kayak fishing equipment.

The use of synthetic fabrics and composite materials in the manufacturing process has provided kayak fishing enthusiasts with a host of options when buying kayak fishing gear and fishing kayaks. The modern fishing kayaks themselves are much lighter easier to handle and transport than their older counterparts and the options available now which include the ability to have motorized kayaks as well as advanced navigation equipment which includes built in GPS devices within the actual fish finders. This allows keen kayak fishermen to be able to explore new areas would in days gone by would be out of reach to the average paddler. 

Other innovations such as removable padded seats, large waterproof storage compartments in the kayak hull and light weight wet weather gear, all add to the comfort and security of the angler embarking on a new interest.