Inflatable Sevylor Kayak Models Available.

Best Inflatable Sevylor Kayak ReviewsSevylor inflatable kayak reviews for models available in various sizes to suit various applications so we’ve taken the most popular to provide the best inflatable kayak reviews below.

The range of Sevylor inflatable kayaks is just perfect for those wanting to do some kayak fishing or cutting their way through some mountain stream white water for the thrill seekers. Alternatively, an inflatable kayak can be just as much fun seeking hidden waterways or secret caves and are also great family fun.
All inflatable Sevylor kayaks  are are constructed from extremely durable lightweight materials making them easy to transport by hand and store without compromising safety and stability.

The best and most popular reviews below are user information for Sevylor kayak models which are available from Amazon here.

Another popular addition to the range when used for kayak fishing is the humminbird 385CI portable fish finder and is an ideal companion which we’ve included in our best inflatable reviews

Sevylor inflatable Kayak Buying Reviews and Descriptions.

Tahiti: Hunting and Fishing Sevylor Kayak


sevylor kayak

Hunting & Fishing Sevylor Kayak

Measuring a little over 10 feet with a beam of nearly 3 feet the Sevylor Tahiti hunting and fishing inflatable kayak is the ideal getaway from it all model for 2 people. With a carrying capacity of 400 pounds, this kayak provides enough storage capacity to carry any camping or kayak fishing gear.

Being inflatable makes this Sevylor  model great for transportation and can be easily carried as a back pack and is constructed of heavy duty durable PVC making it almost impervious to all but the sharpest and hardest of objects it’s likely to encounter beneath the water and with 2 air chambers as well as 2 inflatable and comfortable seats makes it almost impossible for mishaps. The added stability provided by the tubular I beam frame is enhanced by the optional directional skeg which stops the kayak from tending to spin around in the water which has been a fault found in many other flat bottomed kayaks in the past and is a highly recommended option.


  • Two person inflatable  kayak
  • Two chambers with tubular I-beam floor
  • Two spray covers
  • Max capacity: 400 lb
  • 10’4″ x 2’9″
  • 26 gauge PVC
  • 2 seats
  • NMMA certified

Watch a set up video below

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Tahiti Classic Sevylor Kayak



sevylor kayak

“Classic” Sevylor Kayak

Being the oldest of the Sevylor  fleet of inflatable boats, the Tahiti is a well proven workhorse having traversed the full length of the Mighty Amazon River on 2 separate occasions making it the grandaddy of the Sevylor kayak range.

First produced in 1963 the Tahiti Classic has been a favorite of many kayak enthusiasts over the years and still maintains it’s very familiar style and shape. Built for durability from heavy duty 26 gauge special PVC, this  kayak has played a major role in the history of inflatable boats with many other manufacturers using it as a role model for their own inflatable crafts.

National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) certified, the Kevylor Classic  has 2 separate airtight containers as well as 2 inflatable seats with comfortable backrests, lending itself to safety as well as durability. The tubular I beam floor allows the floor to be falt adding stability however a separate optional skeg is highly recommended to enhance directional navigation.


National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) certified, the Kevylor Classic kayak has 2 separate airtight containers as well as 2 inflatable seats with comfortable backrests, lending itself to safety as well as durability. The tubular I beam floor allows the floor to be flat adding stability however a separate optional skeg is highly recommended to enhance directional navigation.



  • I Beam Floor
  • 2 Chambers with Coleman Double Lock Valves and Mini Double Lock Valve
  • 10′ 7″Beam – 2′ 7
  • 2 spray decks
  • 2 inflatable seats
  • Weight – 25 lbs.
  • Two person Capacity
  • Includes repair kit
  • Capacity: 400 Pounds


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Note: Sevylor Kayak manufatures recommends professionally built kayak paddles and pumps with commercially produced inflating pumps and skeg for stability.

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Pointer Quickpak K5 Sevylor Kayak


sevylor kayak

K 5 Single Person Sevylor Kayak

Often described as the grab and go Sevylor kayak, this handy little unit is entirely portable for easy transportation and storage with an integrated backrest which later can be inflated to form the seat.

Designed specifically for a single person, it is by opinion best used for someone under 5′ 6″ but measuring 10′ x 3′ other reviewers have stated that it’s quite comfortable for a 6 ft frame with one reviewer below finding the Sevylor K5 fitting around his 275lb bulk quite easily.

“A friend of mine surprised my wife and myself by gifting us a K5 Sevyor Kayak. We really enjoyed it and have since ordered another one. Most importantly, this sevylor kayak is fun on the water. I weigh in at 247 lbs and had NO problem getting in and out of the yak. It is a real engineering marvel. I was about to buy a hard side kayak when my friend surprised me with his inflatable Sevylor kayak”.


  • The grab and go kayak!
  • One person inflatable kayak
  • Measures 10 ft x 2 ft 10 in
  • Five minute setup, from backpack to kayak
  • Airtight system, guaranteed not to leak
  • Double Lock fast valve, fast inflation and deflation
  • DIN safety chamber
  • Heavy duty polyester cover on top
  • Sevylor kayak tracking fin and directional strake for easier maneuverability
  • DIN chamber inflates inside the main outer chamber which helps keep you afloat if the outer chamber suffers a major hole

    sevylor kayak

    K5 Sevylor Kayak Back Pack

  • Integrated storage system, backpack shell converts into a seat
  • NMMA certified to hold up to 250 lbs
  • Padded shoulder straps for comfort while being carried
  • Storage area and lift handles
  • Bungee lacing for cargo
  • Paddle and hand pump included
  • One year limited warranty
  • Double Loc / Mini Double Lock valves – locks in air two ways.


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Sevylor sit on 2 person Kayak


sevylor sit on top kayakThe 2 person sit on top kayak is as comfortable as it is stable and the durability of the Heavy duty PVC main construction material makes it an extremely safe inflatable kayak for the enthusiast.

Measuring 11 feet, it holds up to 595 pounds and features a heavy duty cold resistant inner hull above the standard Sevylor kayak heavy duty polyester outer shell. The floor is reinforced with fabric for greater strength.

This kayak tracks exceptionally well under light conditions is better suited to calm waters although in taking it out into the ocean for a couple of hundred meters with two people on board in slightly choppy conditions didn’t cause any anxious moments


  • Features:
  • 13- 1″ x 3′ (13feet 1 inch X 3feet)
  • Dual tracking fins for easier steering
  • Recessed compartments with secure cargo net
  • Two person Inflatable Sevylor kayak
  • Inflatable back rest adds support and adjustable firmness for comfort
  • 25 gauge PVC
  • Double Mini Loc valves – locks in air two ways

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Sevylor Fish Hunter

sevylore inflatable kayakBecause of it’s extreme popularity for kayak fishing and inflatable boat enthusiasts, we’ve included the Sevylore Fish Hunter series in our review list.


Ranging in 3 sizes from 8 ft x 4′ 6″ for the 3 person capacity, through to 11′ 9″ x 5′ 7″ for the six person, with a 1,200 pound load capacity, the Sevylor fish hunter is the ideal fishing inflatable boat for those not wanting to be dragging a trailer around.

Robustly constructed using the famous Sevylor high standard technology, the Sevylor fish hunter series provide the user with some exceptional features and make deal inflatable fishing kayaks.

Common Features:

  • Gear bag, grab line
  • 2 carrying handles
  • Inflatable seats
  • Drain plugs
  • Heavy duty reinforced PVC construction
  • Two air tunnel chambers for increased stability.
  • Fishing rod holders
  • Oar holders or swivel oar locks
  • Motor mounting capabilities.

See a Sevylor Fish Hunter set up video below:

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We’ve selected the most popular Sevylor inflatable kayak models in our buying guide above but there are many more we have not yet reviewed

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