abu garcia revo toro

Left and right handle versions are available with the Abu Garcia Revo Toro winch spool holding up to 40% more line than standard or conventional models of low profile reels. The ability to cast that extra distance with the superior casting Infini II™ spool design manufactured specifically to be able handle the torque provided by the hardest hitting bigger fish.

Abu Garcia Revo Toro Main Features.

    • 6 Stainless Steel HPCR® BearingsInfini II™
    • Spool Design for Extended Castability and Extreme Loads
    • Bait Clicker equipped feature
    • Gear ratio at 4:6:1 Pitch Centrifugal Brake providing superior cast contol
    • Corrosion resistant X-Cräftic™ Alloy Frame and Side Plates Double anti-reverse
    • Even line lay with Synchronized TiN Coated Levelwind System feature.
    • Duro brass gears for durability and longer lifeEven line lay provided byAlso comes with extra Power Handle and extended throw paddle handle makes it an ideal companion for a kayak fish finder

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The Abu Garcia Revo Toro series comes in 4 models

      • TWNCH50
      • TWNCH60
      • TWNCH61

The Abu Garcia Revo Toro has received extremely positive reviews from users and testers without a negative word being written.

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I found in the past that with most baitcast reels the tendency to over run and cause tangles is ever a risk and I was expecting some of the same with this reel particularly at the start when I was unfamiliar with its use but this Abu Garcia Revo Toro gave me no such trouble and the high speed retrieve winch was a joy to use.

Because of the unusual gearing system, the Abu Garcia Revo Toro range has an odd appearance as can be seen from the images but the dented drag star being mounted so close to the crank made it very easy to adjust with finger or thumb and proved to be a great assett. I can see this as being even more useful when fishing for big muskies. 

As previously mentioned I had none of the expected overrun in getting used to the Abu Garcia Revo Toro reel and the spool braking system (also dented) is an added protection against such back lashing effects. I also found that the line leveling mechanism was extremely smooth and consistent in both casting and retrieval. The thumb bar also enhances operational ease and with the extra cranking handle I highly recommend the Abu Garcia Revo Toro series to anyone wanting to get serious about catching some really big fish using comparatively light gear.

Revo Toro 60 back view

Abu Garcia Revo Toro 60 HS Field Test Results:

After 3 weeks of rugged workout loaded with 80 pound line the reel has proved to be exceptional value and would buy another one if I were to lose this one. Both the  revo toro drag and braking system performed very well and the ability to cast heavy lures with real accuracy proved an unexpected bonus. I tried casting both into the wind and with the wind and found that with the extra heavy baits and lures I was using, I had no difficulty at all in maintaining both distance and accuracy.