Garmin Echo 150 User Review

Sport fishing is much more fun if you can actually find fish and that’s something that the Garmin echo 150 garmin echo 150wide and narrow beam Fishfinder can do. This device offers the more basic features in its class, but for the most part the help it provides in finding fish is more than sufficient although an integrated  marine GPS would be a great additional feature in order to be able to narrow down the search on the next fishing trip.

Features of the Garmin Echo 150 Dual-Beam Fish Finder

The Garmin echo 150 Dual-Beam Fishfinder  includes:

  • A dual-beam sonar to detect water depths and fish
  • 4″ diagonal FSTN grayscale display screen (8-level)
  • Sonar depths to 1,300′ in freshwater (500′ in salt water)
  • The complete package includes trolling motor clamp, transducer, transom mount, and tilt/swivel mount.

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Pros and Cons of the Garmin echo 150 Dual Beam Fish finder.

A great thing about this fish finder for the user is that it’s a cinch to set up and allows more time to be actually going fishing.

In my case, installing the system was a breeze. It comes with a very clear and easy to follow manual and all the equipment you need is already included. Hook it up to the battery, mount the transducer to the trolling motor, and you’re all set.

Its user friendliness  is quite evident as well. Its compact design size means that it won’t clutter up any available space, which is something that tends to be quite limited for most when filling such devices to smaller craft like canoes an aluminum boat or when kayak fishing.

Since the unit offers just the basic functions, it’s very easy to use and the menu is easy to figure out as well. The screen is quite readable even in bright sunlight a feature  I’ve found lacking in similar devices, particularly color screens….plus it’s also waterproof.

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A good alternative to the Garmin 150 is the Humminbird 385ci


I thought paying less than $100 for such marine electronics seemed like a good deal, and I’m not alone in thinking this. Many people who bought and used the Garmin echo 150 Dual Beam Fish finder have expressed the utmost satisfaction in the device and with what it does, especially considering the low price. If you want more advanced functionality—if you want to detect just how many scales a particular salmon has underwater, for example—then you may have to buy a more advanced device, and at a far greater cost. The basics offered by this Garmin  Echo model, however, is quite sufficient for many sport fishermen and has been proved to be a great kayak fishfinder.


The disadvantages of the Garmin echo 150  are minimal and to be expected.

As mentioned, the features are very basic, which should come as no surprise considering its price. It may also not work properly or display an error if something is interfering with the signal in the water, or if the water turbulence is too great. When the signal is lost, the Echo 150’s depth number will flash.

Review Conclusion

Among the many electronic fish finding devices available in this range, the Garmin echo 150  stands out in it’s offer. It offers basic functions but it performs all them perfectly. It provides accurate depth and temperature, and it shows you a picture of the bottom and–more importantly—a picture of the fish in between your craft and the bottom and is extremely affordable
So would I recommend you to buy the Garmin echo 150 Dual-Beam Fishfinder? Without a doubt, yes!

Its functionality and low cost make it a great bargain especially for beginners looking an affordable and simple to use unit with all the necessary attributes you need to make your fishing trips what you want them to be!