Garmin Echo 300C Review

Electronic fish finders or sounders with color display screens tend to be more expensive than others, however the Garmin Echo 300C Waterproof Fishfinder with 3.5-Inch Display and Dual-Beam Transducer is one of the more notable exceptions to that rule. For online shoppers, it can be purchased for far less than $300, provided you know where to go on the Internet to look for results.

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By using this device, finding fish won’t be a problem. Of course, you’re on your own when it comes to getting Garmin echo 300C the fish on your fish hook. Technically speaking, the Garmin 300c helps you find fish, not catch them and can be used in fresh or saltwater.
This fishfinder can also be a great boon if your usual fishing area has many abrupt changes in depths. Using this device can cut down the number of instances during which you may lose your fishing equipment or fish by getting them hung up on the sea floor.

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Features of the Garmin Echo 300C

  • It comes with a 3.5-inch color display
  •  It uses a dual-beam transducer
  • It displays strong and weak returns at the same time
  •  The whiteline indicates the thickness of the bottom
  • With the auto gain setting, the sensitivity of the sonar (sounding) can be adjusted automatically
  • It comes with 2X and 4X manual and automatic zoom.

Pros and Cons:
There are quite a few notable advantages to the fishermen  having one of the  Garmin  Echo Fishfinder series systems  with them when they go fishing. These benefits include:

  1. The battery is extremely long lasting. Fishing all day and into the night is no longer a problem if you start your trip with a fully charged Garmin Echo Waterproof Fish finder 300C.
  2. The display is top-notch with precise and clear images which can be easily can easily discerned even in direct sunlight, with no problem whatsoever. The depth of the water, water temp, and battery voltage are clearly displayed, and the depth of the fish is clearly indicated as well. There is very little that it doesn’t detect.
  3. The back lit keypad has a night mode, which means that you can extend your fishing trips past sunset. The low amount of light does not present a problem at all when it comes to using the Garmin Echo 300C combo
  4. The rubber buttons on the unit are properly waterproofed, as the unit works perfectly even after being submerged in water more than once. ( A handy feature to have while kayak fishing). The connector attached to the power cable is protected by an O-ring, which blocks the water effectively ensuring continuous connectivity.
  5. Its compact size makes it perfect for smaller watercraft such as aluminum dinghies, kayaks and canoes where space is a valued commodity.
  6.  It’s simpler to install and set up than many.
  7. Maximum effective depth of 800 feet deep.


The disadvantages tend to be a bit superfluous.

  • Although the display information can easily be seen by the user, the screen does seem small at first probably because most of  similar devices available, only feature a grey scale display screen.
  • In addition, it has one of the more common faults for this type of system, so in order to work properly, it has to be set up perfectly. For me, that means turning on the whiteline, turning up the gain, and deactivating fish ID.

Conclusion to the Garmin Echo 300C  Waterproof Fishfinder Review:

Everything about the  Garmin Waterproof Fish finder 300C with 3.5 Inch Displays and Garmin wide and narrow  Beam Sonar Transducer is simple and easy. It’s easy to set up and it’s easy to use, and with its price it’s also easy on your pocket. Fishing becomes a whole lot easier, with the reduction in annoying equipment snafus caused by not knowing the depth of the bottom and an increase in the ease of locating fish. With all the benefits it affords, it comes as no surprise that this fish finder is extremely popular among fishing enthusiasts.


The one thing which would make it perfect would be the addition of a Marine GPS but like so many of the smaller units, it has been left out in order to allow  these devices to remain affordable for the smaller craft and boat owners. Like all Garmin Echo series products, help is only a phone call or mouse click away, almost anywhere in the world.

The Garmin Echo 300c makes an ideal kayak fish finder as well.

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