Garmin Kayak Fish Finder Information

Garmin has pretty much become associated with every type of consumer navigational device these days and the range of Garmin kayak fish finders are high quality devices at reasonable costs to suit any budget. It’s almost impossible to drive out without one of their road GPS mapping devices. They even have navigational apps you can use on your phone or tablet. Yet a lot of people forget that Garmin’s early success began with marine navigation tools and up to this day they still provide quality fishing gear. As a matter of fact, if you are seriously into kayak fishing you may want to consider getting a Garmin Fish Finder and boat equipment before you head out to the waters.

Popular Garmin portable fish finders, suitable for kayak fishing, upon which we’ve written full reviews, are the Garmin 300c, the Garmin Echo 150 and the Garmin GPSmap 78C (SC 2.6 inch).

Garmin Kayak Fish Finders Products Information

garmin kayak fish finder informationFish finders are quite straightforward, in terms of how they work. You have a transducer that emits sonar transmissions and the device will receive the transmissions as they bounce back, giving you a detailed image which you can tweak to find fish, obstructions under the water surface, and monitor your bait. The reason why Garmin excels in these products is because they deliver top notch features and designs.

When you get a Garmin Fish Finder, even on their lower tier product line, you will get:

  • Accurate fish placement depiction. Fish literally become sitting ducks since you get clear images showing you exactly where they are, what type of fish are near, and how many there are. You can even tweak your Garmin fish finder to exclude all the other floating items that might obstruct your view.
  • Depth readings and bottom structure. You need to know what kind of feed is at the bottom of the river/lake since it can highly alter your chances of finding the fish you want to catch. Obstructions could halt your line and break your equipment so it is good to always have an eye on what’s on the bottom of the water.
  • Temperature readings. Some Garmin fish finders will give you only water temperature readings but there are the high-end devices that give you both water and air temperature readings.
  • There are also a lot of extras that come with the fish finders. Many of the transducers emit more than just one sonar beam especially if you get a high end product. They emit dual beams to the side, giving you more visibility under the water. These products are also designed to be easy to use and easy to mount, so you can use them whether you are kayak fishing, fishing off the docks, or in a yacht heading out to the open waters.

Garmin’s fish finder products sit right on top of the consumer list of options. They are not as complicated and robust as professional gear used by marine biologists but those things are bulky and cost several thousands of dollars. For prices under $200, Garmin offers the very best in the market in its class.

The best thing about them is that they offer so much in regards to convenience. The LCD screens are well lit so you can use them under the sun or at night without straining your eyes. They are all mountable and submersible, and they all have rechargeable batteries that can last an entire fishing escapade.

Garmin Chart Plotter Products

If you are going to fish in the open sea, however, you’ll need more than a fish finder. That is why you can also avail of Garmin chart plotters. They are basically high end GPS mapping devices that will give you a detailed image of the ocean and your current location. You can pre-design your intended course and plot so you’ll never get lost in the seas and you’ll always be guaranteed to find the right fishing spot.

You get accurate satellite images to help you plot a proper chart.

  • There is an Auto Guidance feature that lets you go through relevant charts. You can use these charts to create a route you can really follow, free of shallow waters, obstructions under and above the water surface, and others.
  • 3D mapping lets you see objects as they really appear. You won’t be constricted to a 2D satellite view.
  • You’ll know if it is the right time to turn back and hit the shores. Other Garmin chart plotters also include weather data and news updates on the local water area so you can always be sure if it is safe or not to go out.

Garmin’s chart plotters are amongst the very best in the world. The company has in a way perfected GPS satellite mapping technology and it shows with their chart plotter devices. Some companies combine their fish finding equipment with GPS mapping features but Garmin mostly concentrates on quality instead of quantity per product. This means you are getting GPS mapping and chart plotting gadgets that give more than just basic images. For the low price you are paying, roughly below $200, you are getting products that could have cost you twice that amount.

Check out the full range of Garmin Chart Plotters Here

Comparing Garmin with the Competition

If you look at the consumer end of kayak fish finders and boat fishing gear, Garmin products are a little pricey. They can be expensive to the average guy but they are built to last and are built to give you everything you need with just one product. You won’t need to haul in several monitors and mounts to get where you want to go and catch the fish you want; one or two Garmin products will be all you’ll ever need.

Besides, for the price you are paying, you’re getting high end fishing equipment. Sure, there may be a few more that can offer you better images and more accurate readings but they’ll cost you a few hundred dollars more. For this consumer-friendly range you are getting the best there is. Garmin has always been able to combine practicality with affordability and it still shows with their marine tools and fishing equipment. If you want to get the most out of your fishing experience without having to blow a huge chunk of your savings away, you can never go wrong with Garmin.



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