Small Hammerhead Shark Finds Kayak Fish Finder Transducer a Tasty Treat

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hammerhead shark

A friend of mine recently had his kayak fish finder transducer ripped off by a 4ft Hammerhead Shark.

He was fishing about 2 miles off shore when he noticed a dorsal fin emerge from the water around 30ft away from where he was fishing.

Not being unaccustomed to such sights, he slowly reeled his line in and sat as still as he could. He’s done this in the past and so have I when this sort of thing happens so as not to draw attention to a moving object. This usually works as the shark has nothing to concentrate on and generally moves away within a few minutes.

He waited for around 5 minutes which is what we generally do before deciding to move to another area but he was shocked and amazed when he started to paddle away with a definite strong nudge on the stern of his kayak.

Kayak fish finder transducer torn away.

He turned to see a hammerhead shark about 4 feet long hanging onto his transducer.

Unsure what to do, he started yelling at the shark which took no notice at all and started shaking it’s head while still hanging onto the transducer. Now really stating to become concerned, he started hitting the water with his his paddle trying to discourage the shark and eventually actually hit the beast on the head a couple of times before with a final shake it ripped the transducer right off it’s mounting and nearly capsized the kayak because the cable was still attached to the transducer and the kayak.

Fortunately he had his knife in his hand already as a precaution and was able to cut the cable by lying face down and leaning over the transom.

However, the mounting bracket which was made from stainless steel had twisted and punctured the stern just below the water line and his kayak was taking water. luckily he had fitted an extra water tight bulkhead on the inside of his kayak but the transom was sitting low in the water from the extra weight of perhaps 3 gallons of water on the inside which made the yak difficult to handle but was able to get to shore safely.

Hammerhead sharks are known man eaters and even a small one like this can take a hand or a foot. He’s now replaced his transducer and is out using his kayak fish finder as I write.


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