Taking the Humminbird 385CI Into Consideration

The Humminbird 385ci is a marine GPS system designed to replace those bulky fish finders, and in my experience, the 385ci does a superb job of it. With its generous screen display and high tech integrated UniMap feature proving very useful for fishermen and anglers. And take note, this isn’t just a simple fish finder / GPS rolled into one, but a complete sonar system making an ideal choice of fish finder for those looking to install a a fully functional locating and tracking device on a smaller craft such as a kayak or canoe. Many keen kayakhumminbird 385ci fishermen prefer it and have dubbed it “The Ultimate in Kayak Fish Finders” and with good reason.

The Humminbird 385CI is one of those fish finder models one  must consider if you require a complete all round waterproof system for your kayak or small boat.

Humminbird 385CI Features:

The 385ci has a 3.5 inch display, so you don’t have to squint when reading data. It also has a 240W PTP power output DualBeam sonar with 20 and 60 degree SwitchFire Sonar beams, and I really like how the sonar allows me to choose the way returns are shown. For instance, you can view the beams as one or independently, but both are very accurate. The 20-degree beam is perfect for getting bottom profiles topside and fish returns, while the 60-degree beam offers comprehensive fish coverage.
If you prefer to view sonar returns separately, you can use Split Screen Zoom to see more data. The RTS (real time sonar) meanwhile, updates information on the fly and if you want to take a good look at the data shown, just hit one of the arrows on the four-way cursor control. After you’re done viewing, hit the EXIT key and real time updates will show.


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There are a lot of things that make the Humminbird 385ci kayak fish finder a good buy, such as:
•    Its UniMap is very detailed, with the US continental coastline, rivers and inland lakes covered.
•    The unit can store 50 routes, 2,000 waypoints and 20,000 track points.
•    The Humminbird 385ci employs parallel processing to gather sonar data so it doesn’t suffer any performance slowdown, and the interference is kept at a minimum.
•    The sonar echoes aren’t changed, so fish target arches are accurate.
•    Its Fish ID+ has one of the most powerful sonar
processors I’ve ever tested.  An icon appears when a fish is found, and the depth is shown as well.  You won’t get confused by the display because there are separate icons indicating the size of the fish and the sonar return intensity.
•    There’s a built-in SD card slot if you want to add more memory.

Maps are preloaded depending on the country from which you made the purchase but it’s easy to load other map if you prefer and of course because these maps are digital they can be updated anytime. The GPS capabilities allows the user to save settings in order to be able to return to the same fishing spot time after time and indeed add new ones as they are found.

As with all waterproof Humminbird fishfinder models in this range, help is only a few mouse clicks away.
Humminbird 385ci Cons:
Despite all its fantastic features, the 385ci isn’t quite perfect with drawbacks including:
•    The installation guide can be a little clearer and I’ve seen better on similar models.
•    The unit gets some noise interference with a Minn Kota Terrova Ipilot 80 trolling motor, but changing some settings can fix it.

The Humminbird 385ci Kayak fishfinder is an exceptional GPS system, and even if you have been using sonar for a long time, this is worth a look. The built-in fish ID makes finding fish a snap and the maps are very comprehensive. The map includes virtually all recreational and inland lakes in the country so you don’t have to worry that your favorite fishing spot isn’t included.  I do quite a bit of night kayak  fishing myself, and the Humminbird 385ci also does an excellent job of avoiding shallow waters. So overall, this equipment’s gives you great price value for your dollar and from a kayak fisherman’s point of view, I can’t recommend it highly enough.