Humminbird 587ci HD Waterproof Marine GPS Review

Humminbird 587CIIf you’re looking for a waterproof marine GPS with a large screen, the Humminbird 587ci is your best bet. Aside from its high resolution display, the 587ci has a detailed UniMap so you can use the unit anywhere you go. Whether you’re fishing at a large or small lake, this marine GPS with its SwitchFire Sonar and maps will be your best friend.

Definitely, the highlight of this device is the 4.5 inch 640V x 480H display. I find it extremely easy to see the bottom and structure detail, although it works best in calm weather. The digit view is large and the readouts can be customized too.

Humminbird 587CI introduces Switchfire Technology.

It is equipped with DualBeam PLUS Humminbird’s new SwitchFire sonar technology that lets you choose the way returns appear. SwitchFire Sonar has two modes: Clear and Max. Clear Mode works great in rough waters, and if it’s 8 ft deep or less, noise will be filtered out, giving you a clear view of the structure and fish. Max Mode provides even more detail, including fish, structure and even water currents.
Humminbird 587ci’s DualBeam PLUS gives you a focused center beam with a 60-degree beam around it, so your depth and area are equal. Tried it at a depth of 20 feet, and the beam coverage was the same at 20 ft. The two beams work together, the first one displaying the weeds, structure and water, while the second looks for fish. Of course you can view the beams side by side or separately.
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•    The GPS antenna is extremely accurate.
•    The UniMap covers inland lakes, rivers and the continental US coastline at a resolution of 30 m per pixel. If you look at the coast you’ll see coastal navigation lights and canals.
•    A transom mount transducer is included.
•    The mounting system has a Quick-Disconnect feature.
•    You can load Navionics or LakeMaster charts using its SD card slot.

•    The display’s color palette is limited compared to other marine GPS systems in its class.
•     You need to read the product guide to install the unit, as it can be a bit complicated.

The Humminbird 587ci is a great marine GPS system, and I highly recommend it. The UniMap is comprehensive, and the down scan feature is remarkable. As someone who spends countless hours fishing in large lakes, I’ve found the chart plotter to be an invaluable tool. This is a powerful system and yet it’s easy to use, so seasoned and new anglers will have no trouble learning how to use it. With the capacity to save 50 tracks, 50 routes and thousands of waypoints and tracking points, you will surely be using this device for a very long time.

The the Humminbird PiranhaMAX 170 4-Inch Waterproof Fishfinder and Dual-Beam Transducer” Humminbird 587ci has been recognized as one of the finest and best value for your dollar available.