Humminbird Fishing Equipment Famous Among Fishermen

If you were to name some of the best and most renowned companies when it comes to kayak and boat fishing accessories, Humminbird Fishing Equipment would always find its way to the list. They may not be as popular to the common consumer humminbird fishing equipmentbut anglers all over the world understand just how powerful and how important their products have become. Being widely overshadowed by companies like Garmin, does Humminbird have what it takes to be on top of the market? For so many reasons it looks like it does. Consider the following:

Electronic Fishing Gear and Products:
Garmin and other products all feature pretty decent technologies if you are fishing for fun or as a hobby. If you are going to join competitions and the like then you will want to step it up and go for products that come so close to the high-end products that marine biologists use. If you cut it down into several categories you’ll find several  different options:


  1. Side imaging – this is a very high-end imaging technique that mixes both narrow and wide beam transmissions to give you accurate side-top images. The best way to picture it is to flip your images to an isometric view. This gives you both top and side views in ways you might never have thought possible.
  2. Down imaging – down imaging is exactly what it sounds like. Using the latest in sonar technology you’ll be able to peer directly down the waters. You can get accurate images of structures directly under your boat.
  3. Switchfire – Switchfire imaging is the top of the line when it comes to 2D fishing. It allows you to get more accurate bait return images. It even allows you to customize how the images will be displayed. You can even adjust the settings to reduce how much floating particles will appear in the image displayed and what particles should be considered by the sonar detectors.
  4. DualBeam Plus – this gives you the benefit of two sonar beams in one. You first get a narrow beam that angles at 20 degrees and it is then covered by a secondary beam that covers 60 degrees of area. This gives you concentrated viewing options so you can have a more precise image of the structures and particles under the water surface.
  5.  Single Beam Plus – the single beam sonar technology gives you a concentrated 20 degree sonar beam. It is far more precise than what other products in the market offer and you’ll be using it to focus on any structure, fish, and bait that are within an area equal to a third of your depth.
  6.  QuadramBeam Plus – This is one of the most powerful and wide-range sonar beams you will ever get your hands on. First you get 20 degree and 60 degree beams that shoot directly below your boat while two 35 degree beams (fan-shaped) shoot out to the right and left sides. This allows for precise fish placement on all sides of your boat.


2. Humminbird Fish Finding Products

Humminbird fish finding products are also a step above the rest of the competition. They do have the traditional fish finding devices that will give you a basic look below the surface, giving you basic depth readings, fish placement, and bottom surface structure. Yet you have to look beyond that and see what their high end products have to offer. Instead of the basics, their high end fish finding gear also gives you GPS mapping. Almost all of their products are sonar-GPS mapping combo products.

This means that you can plot charts, locate the proper fishing spot via satellite images, and then use the sonar features to look below the water surface. This gives you all the optimal choices in order to situate yourself in the right fishing spot under the right circumstances, to guarantee a good catch.

Everything from tidal strength, air and water temperature, location, fish placement, bottom structure, and depth readings are all presented in their products.

Going Beyond the Humminbird Fishing Equipment Features

There are a lot of other little tidbits which make their products amongst the very best. They utilize backlit LCD screens, they offer high end transducers that emit highly sensitive sonar transmissions, and all of their products are durable and offer long term warranties. For the price that you pay, which is significantly higher than the average kayaking and fishing gear you are really getting the items that even professionals would recommend. You’re no longer fishing with hobby toys.

Comparing Humminbird with their Competition:

It really boils down to the purpose of your fishing expedition and the budget you have available. If you are only going to fish for the summer at a nearby lake then a cheaper product may do just fine for you. However, if you are taking a small team to join a fishing competition or if you are someone who frequently goes out to catch fish then Humminbird products are your better option. They can be pricier and much more complicated to use but they are worth it. They use technologies that no other product in the market can rival, making them the ideal choice for professional fishing ventures.

Without a doubt you will find yourself at a loss with Humminbird fishing products. They are more than your average sonar and GPS mapping equipment. If you are serious about fishing and you want to get out on a big adventure, you can’t go wrong with Humminbird. They have designed tools that are not just for a trip to the river; they have created fishing equipment that is ideal for the big game out in the open seas, lakes, and raging rivers. Whether you are kayaking alone or with a large group on board a yacht,

Humminbird will be able to give you clear eyes under the waters.

Humminbird has a huge range of products including several which are specifically designed as kayak fishfinders and which feature all the benefits recommended by experts.