An Introduction to Kayak Fishfinder Requirements.

A Kayak Fishfinder is basically the same as any other fish finder but which should include some features which make it more suitable to use specifically as a kayak fish finder as opposed to one which would be used in general broad fish finder terms.

The reasons for this are varied with the most obvious being that a kayak fishfinder needs to be run from a limited power source such as batteries whereas a fish finder used on a larger vessel can utilize the power generated by the boat’s alternator or generator while under power and only needs to rely on battery power if they are drift fishing which is rare on a larger vessel such as a trawler.
kayak fish finder

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Fitting a Kayak Fishfinder Transducer.

While it’s relatively easy to fit a transducer to the inside of the kayak hull, and is usually done using some sort of silicone based product such as marine goop, care is required in being sure there are no trapped bubbles directly underneath the transducer as this can cause inaccurate readings.

Other things to consider while mounting a transducer ona kayak, is the make up of the material used in making the hull. Materials such as ply wood and sandwiched fiberglass can often contain trapped air bubbles at the time of manufacture.

While the above is relevant in most cases, there are  fish finders which don’t need to be installed at all. Such an example is the Hawkeye Portable  Fish Finder which relies on a floating sensor which is thrown from your kayak.

While these maybe a little more difficult to read from your kayak, they are relatively cheap to buy at around the $50 mark.

Inboard kayak fishfinders are the most popular with the Eagle 300 cuda being a favorite of many kayak fishermen and women. These meet the criteria of being robust, reliable and waterproof. Generally these can be picked up for around a $ 100 US and even cheaper if purchased online.

At the other end of the scale, a more expensive kayak fish finder is the Humminbird 385ci 3.5-Inch Waterproof Marine GPS and Chartplotter with Sounder which integrates a fish finder, GPS plotter and mapping in one unit. Up to 2000 waypoints and 50 routes can be saved enabling the ability to be able to return to exactly the same spot if desired.
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Other features to look for in a kayak fishfinder include the following:

  • Robust. (being able to take the hard knocks)
  • Waterproof (Most fish finders aren’t.)
  • Easy to attach and remove for storage and travel
  • Power efficient. (The best kayak fishfinder must rely on small light weight batteries. Most kayakers rely on rechargeable batteries which will last for up to 16 hours of use.)
  • Easy installation
  • An in-depth detailed and easy to understand instruction and user manual.


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Other popular fish finder manufacturers for kayaks include: