Anglers are  increasingly turning to better kayak fishing gear in their  kayaks to fish hard-to-reach spots.. Basically when people like me started fishing from kayaks all those  years ago, we were using recreational sit-in kayaks using the basics for kayak fishing..a fishing pole and a front spool fishing reel or a hand line.

If you wanted to add something to hold your rods or a fishing tackle box you went to the hardware store and bought what you needed to make it work.…however in recent times fishing gear manufactures such as those making electronic fish finders are designing and building fish finders specifically targeted toward using them as kayak fishing gear.

kayak fishing gearOther things have changed as well with the introduction of more sophisticated fishing gear as kayak fishing became more popular and kayak fishermen started to look for bigger and better kayaks designed specifically for kayak fishing like Ocean Kayaks for example.

Kayaks are generally fairly simple with 3 basic types which are:

However of the 3 listed above, the sit on top kayak is the most popular when used for kayak fishing. While the sink kayaks may offer more protection from the elements, they have limited deck space for carrying fishing and safety gear, whereas the Sit on Top Kayaks generally have enough deck space to mount kayak fishing gear such as electronic fishfinders, rod holders, gaffs, landing nets, communication devices, fishing tackle and food and drink containers.

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Suitable Fishing Poles for Kayak Fishing Gear

While choosing a suitable fishing rod for you angling adventures was once a fairly easy choice,  choosing one for kayak fishing is a little more complicated depending on the type of fishing you’re doing and the types and sizes of fish you’re targeting. Another very important point in selecting the correct fishing pole for kayak fishing is the length. Most fishing kayaks exceed ten feet in length and because the angler is usually sitting roughly in the center, the rod needs to be long enough to ensure that when a hooked fish swims around the front or rear of the kayak, the angler must have enough rod length to ensure that he can play the fish around so that the line doesn’t become fouled on the kayak itself and be able to play the fish on either side or ends of the craft.

Overhead fishing reels for kayak fishing gear:

While any good reel can be used, overhead reels are becoming more popular amongst kayak anglers but they do require some practice to ensure line tangles caused by over runs are avoided.

Abu Garcia have an excellent range of over head reels and while they may be expensive, they are reputed to be among the best in the world but there are more affordable others available which will do the same job but probably won’t last as long. After all, you’ll want to purchase the best quality kayak fishing gear available for your kayak as you can for reliability and strength.





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