Lowrance HDS8 Review

The Lowrance HDS 8 is in the many years that I’ve been into this sport, one of the most powerful I’ve ever used. I’ve used more than a handful of fishfinders, but few provide as much as the HDS 8. Lowrance has developed some pretty good fish finders in the past, but the HDS-8 is clearly one of the best. Its huge 8-inch screen is definitely the attention grabber, but it also has detailed maps, impressive water coverage and a whole lot more.

Lowrance HDS 8 Features

The display isn’t just big, but also crystal clear thanks to digital filtering. The bottom images are very sharp, and it can display targets that other fish finders lowrance hds 8are likely to miss.

The HDS-8 will use the 83 kHz frequency along with the 200 kHz so you get 120 degrees while operating in the water. This feature works in both shallow and deep water, and the broadband system doesn’t falter even if your boat is running at full speed. When used with a transducer, it becomes even more powerful and reliable.
The bundled Insight USA maps include about 5,000 freshwater lake maps, fishing hot spots and topographical data. Offshore and coastal contours are also included, so chances are, wherever you fish, the HDS-8 has the data for it.
The HDS-8  has a high-definition fishfinder broadband built in linking your display and the HDS, and it produces higher definition and clearer displays than other fish finding technologies. I was able to locate more fish, and I also noticed that the definition is very high. Even in varying water conditions, the target separation is impressive.
The digital processing signal doesn’t just increase sensitivity, but it also brings down the noise level. In other words, it’s easier to distinguish between the fish, fish arch targets and the structures.

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Lowrance HDS-8 Pros:

The HDS-8 is one of the better and upscale marine GPS systems around, because aside from being packed with many features, it also offers the following benefits:

•    The HDS-8 has a contemporary design that makes it look good with any boat.
•    This marine GPS HDS-8 as well as the 10m, 10 and 8m models have a Flywheel scroll dial for quick access to frequently used functions.
•    The SolarMAX PLUS color displays a lot of detail even under the bright sun, and the viewing angle is the best I’ve seen on any fishfinder.
•    The built-in LED backlight has zero dimming so your eyes don’t get strained.

Lowrance HDS 8 Cons:

The Lowrance HDS 8 is a powerful fishfinder, but there are a couple of things that still needs some improvement, such as:
•    The text at the base map is very small.
•    Some features and controls may be too advanced for new anglers. It is not difficult to use, but there are so many features new anglers will have to get used to when navigating the menus.

The Video below  provides an excellent example of just what Lowrance Technology can do in the  identification of both underwater structures and the fish finding capabilities of the HDS 7  with the one below it showing improvements Lowrance has added to their HDS Gen 2 models.

The Lowrance HDS-8 is a high end marine GPS, packed with all the features you will probably ever need. The display is large and clear, and the mapping is one of the most comprehensive for any fishfinder. I’ve used it in shallow and deep waters and it has passed both tests with flying colors. And did I mention it’s also very easy to use?

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