Lowrance Mark 5x Gives More for Less!

The Lowrance Mark 5x is a pretty good fishfinder, and while it has several features normally reserved for  professional fishermen, I find it quite easy to use. Because it automates many of it’s tasks, anyone who’s new to marine technology will like it, but power users can also tweak it to suit their preferences and requirements.

lowrance mark 5x

Lowrance Mark 5x Features:

As imaging devices go, the Mark 5x has a 480 x 480, 16 grey scale display and it is one of the sharpest I’ve seen, and the white LED back lighting makes the data signal bright and easier to read. The controls have 10 back lit levels, and to adjust the back light, just press the light/power key.

This 1,600W peak-to-peak fish finder is good for depths of up to 800 feet (244 meters), and the fish finding coverage is 60 degrees, which is pretty much the standard for these devices. It does a good job of displaying fish and even the structures, identifying them accurately with the easy to see bright LCD. It’s lightweight also makes it an attractive proposition as a kayak fish finder.

The Lowrance Mark  5x works just fine out of the box, and was in fact designed to be used as is, but the Advanced User Mode allows you to tweak the settings including ping speed. Modifying the ping speed helps prevent interference with other transducers, but personally though, the default setup works just fine. Other advanced settings you can change are noise rejection, surface clarity and more.

There are four pages in the Lowrance 5x: sonar, split zoom, overlay data and split frequency. The sonar page shows the water column, while the split frequency displays the transducer frequencies at the same time. The overlay data displays the information at the sonar page and the overlay data also lets you choose what information to display (depth, water temperature etc).

The unit supports two frequencies, 83 kHz and 200 kHz. The 200 kHz is very sensitive and I found the system to be very effective in shallow waters.

The Lowrance Mark-5x Pros:

The  Mark-5x has several features that make it attractive to anglers.
•    Installation and definition is not a problem thanks to its swivel view adjustment and one hand tilt.
•    The unit is very easy to use with the Enter key and keypad used for accessing controls and options.
•    In Split Zoom you can take a close look at the data without sacrificing your water column view.
•    You can review your sonar history by simply moving the cursor to the left at the sonar page.

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Note: For something more portable than the Lowrance Mark 5x you might look at the Humminbird 385ci
Mark 5x Cons
Like all fish finding products, the Mark 5x isn’t perfect.

  • While it comes with many features, unless you’ve used similar devices in the past, it will take a while before you will learn to use all of them but it’s certainly not a major drawback.
  •   The 5x cannot show depths that exceed the range selected  but it’s extremely unlikely that anyone would be fishing to it’s maximum depth of 800 feet.



The  Mark-5x is a quality fishfinder. It records water depth accurately and the display screen is brightly lit. The unit is compact and durable, and its able to withstand regular use in boats.  If you are searching for an affordable but powerful fishfinder, this is a good choice, offering a nice mix of power and ease of use. What makes it so great is you can use the unit without any tinkering, so you can use it even if you are still new to fishing technology and with the low market price available through Amazon, it’s sure to suit your budget and  save your dollars.