Lowrance x67c ice machineThe Lowrance X67C  Ice Machine is one of the latest fishfinders from this brand, and it is considered an essential device for ice fishing aficionados. There are several ice fishing fish finders out there, which make great ice fishing gear but the X-67C is quite simply one of the most reliable in the market. With its powerful display, temperature sensors and other features, finding fish becomes a breeze

Lowrance X67C Ice Machine Features

The Lowrance X67C has a 3.5 inch full color high resolution display, showing the data clearly and in my experience, this greatly helps in finding fish. But it’s not just the display that helps you find fish, because it uses ASP (Advanced Signal Processing), a state of the art technology that gives you a clear sonar picture no matter what the water condition is. I tried the X-67C in both calm and moving water, and the sonar pictures were both clear. The fish finder works great in any weather too and it is also viewable under direct sunlight and cloudy skies.
The X67C also defines the hardness of the bottom and what it’s made of as well. This is an extremely useful feature for target separation and one that I found myself using quite a lot.
Specs wise, the Lowrance X67C is built to perform with 1,500W peak to peak power and 200 kHz transducer, plus a sensor for detecting water surface temperature. This is more than enough for ice fishing gear, but the X-67C is also good for lake fishing.





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See More Lowrance x67c Ice Machine Specs


Display Size 3.5 in 89 mm
Display Resolution 320 x 240 (H x W)
Display Type 256-color active matrix TFT
Backlighting Screen/Keypad
Backlighting Type White LED
Sonar Overlay Data Yes
Split Screen Presentation Yes
Multilanguage Display Yes



Sonar Frequency 200 kHz
Transducer Type Bullet-style
Sonar Output Power Max 1500 W
Sonar Depth Max 590 ft 180 m
FishReveal™ Yes
FasTrack™ Yes
Ping Speed HyperScroll™ Yes
Sonar Alarms: Fish, Max and Min Depth Yes
Speed & Distance Log Optional


Built-in Backup Memory Yes
Casing Sealed and waterproof
Width 4.3 in 108 mm
Height 5.8 in 147 mm
Depth 2.5 in 64 mm


Power Supply 10 – 17 vDC


  • The unit is waterproof and can withstand rigorous use
  • The Lowrance X 67C ice machine comes with a battery charger, rechargeable battery, batter tie-downs and batter well.
  • This device isn’t just for ice fishing, but also for anchor fishing, thanks to its FastTrack feature, which returns the sonar signals vertically on the screen.
  •  Even if your boat is moving at high speed, the HyperScroll feature will find and display fish targets consistently.


  •  The depth penetration has a limit of 590 feet (183 m), but for casual anglers this will not be an issue as there are few fishermen who will need to know what’s at that depth.
  •  A seasoned angler won’t have problems using the fish finder, but if you’re completely new, you need to read and follow the product guide, something that inpatient anglers won’t like.


Conclusion to the Lowrance X67C Ice Machine Review

The Lowrance X-67C ice machine is comparable to other ice fishing devices from this brand. It is very easy to use and despite its size, it’s quite durable. The 3.5-inch display is very clear and the bundled battery gives you more bang for your buck. I don’t like to carry a lot of gear when I go fishing, though sometimes it’s unavoidable. But because the X-67C is small at 16 x 12 x 10 inches, it won’t add a lot weight to your gear. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to ice fishing or if you have been doing it for years. You will find the X-67C extremely useful.

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