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Lowrance Technicians know that fishing is not at all what it used to be. In the old days, anglers would wait for hours (oftentimes in vain) to catch fish. However, with the help of technological innovations, anglers of this generation have a better idea of what lurks beneath the surface and what makes it easier for them to catch fish
Lowrance is a world leading company that makes life easier for professional and novice anglers. Anglers all over the world are drawn to the products they have created. This is a company that produces award-winning marine electronic devices that are built to last.

Their first consumer device was the Little Green Box, created in 1957. Since that technological feat, the company has not failed to impress the world with innovations in marine technology. The sole purpose is to improve the consumer experience to help each angler catch more fish. Please note that Lowrance is a brand owned by Navico, Inc., which is a private corporation and the largest marine production company in the world.

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Lowrance from 2008 Until Present

In 2008, the first HDS (High Definition System) Multifunction Display was launched. Since then, Lowrance has launched numerous products under that category with a wide range oflowrance features. Their innovative technologically advancements have led to the creation of products that include like StructureScan in high definition, which is equipped with DownScan and SideScan imaging. Trackback provides consumers with the ability to review past sonar scans. StructureMap allows users to develop their own map data. All their products are easy to operate and include helpful features to aid anglers from all over the world improve their performance. Lowrance has become a household name and their products are utilized by people who understand the difference between excellent marine technology and low quality products.
Lowrance Goals
This award-winning company is known all over the globe for their high-quality marine technology products. They continually make use of innovative methods to create products that provide anglers with the utmost advantage. The products are designed to be comprehensive and therefore, useful to experts and novices alike. Lowrance technology allows anglers to maximize their performance by providing them with products that scan water conditions. This allows the angler to assess the game in the area. Consequently, this lowers fishing time and improves conversion.

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 What Lowrance Offers

Due to continual innovations in marine technology, Lowrance customers are assured of enhanced software updates. This is to aid anglers maximize their time and yield better results. Lowrance creates products for pastimes like fishing, ice fishing, yachting, paddlesports, cruising, offroad and outdoor activities.
This company provides excellent engines, chart plotters, fish finders, weather devices, VHF/AIS, mapping tools, sonar modules, broadband radars, handheld GPS systems, and gauges
Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
Lowrance is known to have the best consumer warranty, which can be attributed to its 50 years of manufacturing expertise. The products are all innovative and priced at fairly to suit the needs of customers. They are trusted by consumers all over the world. Each product is protected with a one or two year limited warranty, depending on the item. Each Lowrance product is also supported for another three years, thanks to the 5 Year Advantage program. This revolutionary system allows users to upgrade their device at a discounted price, in the event that the current product requires repair or if it fails.
Please note that Lowrance has global service networks to cater to the needs of customers from all parts of the world. They also have highly efficient customer care that provides buyers technical assistance, product information and warranty support.
How The 5 Year Advantage Works
Lowrance products are built to withstand harsh conditions. However, if the products were to fail, the 5 Year Advantage warranty can be truly useful. The unique trade up system allows you to upgrade your unit for a newer one at a discounted amount. Please note that proof of purchase is needed in order to avail of it.
To avail of a trade up, the customer will have to contact the customer technical service department in order to return the defective item. They also have the option to register the product and create an RMA. It is important to keep in mind that should the product pass all tests, the customer will have to pay for the bench test. Aside from that, the product will be returned in the same condition.

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The System Builder Advantage
The System Builder Advantage will be offered starting on January 1, 2013. This allows you a faster way to determine your specific marine technology needs. A certified dealer will be capable of taking you through a program that will help you assess the products that you require. The System Builder will also handle installation quotes, which will include freight and handling, duty tax, and will be based on your local currency. This is to better serve the global community.
Please note that to accommodate this innovative system, all certified dealers will need to undergo training programs to improve their knowledge about marine technology. Therefore, they will gain more knowledge regarding specific requirements. This is done to improve customer service. As a result, the customer will get what he or she needs, regardless of where he or she is located.
Lowrance HDS technologycontinues to evolve, with regard to marine advancements. Anglers from all over the world prefer their systems to other brands as this company is backed by the world’s largest marine technology center. When you buy a product from Lowrance, you are assured of innovative technology, easy to use interface, durability, reasonable price, and a sufficient warranty period. This is to provide the customer with an item that is worth the money invested.
If you are a boating or fishing aficionado, consider purchasing Lowrance equipment. They can be purchased in 60 countries worldwide and have corresponding support centers in each location.
Truly, Lowrance has taken fishing and angling to new depths. To know more about Lowrance products, check out our listings.

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