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Norcross Outdoor Equipment and Hawkeye Fish Finders

If you are a boating or fishing aficionado, you have probably heard of NorCross Hawkeye fish finders. This company is one of the top creators of fishing and boating products that continue to grow in popularity all over the globe. The company provides cost-efficient outdoor gear and equipment that are patronized by many because of their high-quality craftsmanship, durability, and multiple features.

NorCross is a company that engineers, designs and manufactures products for outdoor activities. They aim to provide their customers with products that are truly first class. They have three brand names for their products, HawkEye fish finders, iClear and NorChill. This company works closely with other  industry’s and  developers to produce items that cater to the needs of the worldwide outdoor equipment market. NorCross products are designed and engineered to withstand the test of time.


NorCross’/NorChill Soft Coolers are durable and made to endure exposure to various outdoor elements. The design and construction of their cooler line was specifically created for the individual who wants to enjoy a nice cold drink without having to lug around a hefty cooler. Each cooler is made with a leak-proof liner that makes it ideal for travel adventures. Your NorChill cooler can also be used as a suitcase, as it will keep your spare clothes dry during any boating or outdoor trip. They can even double as cases for electronics or a nifty gear bag as well. Consider this the next time you decide to go hiking, boating, kayaking, fishing, kayak fishing,camping or even tailgating.

Keep your eyewear smudge-free with the iClear Sunglass Cleaning System. NorCross’ innovative technology has created the first cleaning cloth dispenser created for all your outdoor activities. It is UV and  water resistant, perfect for the active outdoorsy person. The suction allows it to stay affixed to a flat surface. These cleaning wipes are anti-static. Therefore, it cleans glasses without leaving any debris or dust that can irritate your eyes. They are so versatile that they can even be utilized to clean digital camera lenses, panel TVs, laptops, GPS and even marine electronic devices.

HawkEye Fish Finders

HawkEye Electronics are state of the art solutions for your boating and fishing needs. HawkEye SONAR products can make any fishing and boating aficionado’s life so much easier. They have a wide range of technologically advanced OEM solutions and digital depth sounders. Find fish faster with their high- tech fish finders. It comes with patented fish scales and a temperature meter to improve your chances of finding fish and catching better game. These products are designed to last for many years and they were created using state-of-the-art technology that surpasses the competition. Best of all they set the standard for other fishing and boating products in the market.

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The NorCross Freedom Club

Members of the NorCross Freedom Club will find out that it comes with exciting perks and benefits. Anyone can join the club and enjoy the NorCross difference. A Freedom Club member will have access to contents, news, reviews, discounts and deals. Trade up your products and get the chance to be a beta tester by joining. The best part is that membership is free. NorCross is passionate about designing and engineering products that cater to the specifications of their loyal customers. You can sign up for your Freedom Club membership on the site and to make it official, like the page on Facebook as well.

How Does the Trade-Up Work?

Trade any of your old marine products for a NorCross item. It does not have to be fully functional to be considered. However, all the components or parts have to be included. The 50% off credit can be used towards purchasing products in the HawkEye Electronics line. To be considered for a trade up, you have to be a Freedom Club member. Once your trade up application is processed, you will be sent information regarding the mechanics of this process.
How Do I Become A Beta Tester? NorCross aims to provide real people with gear that will help improve their outdoor lifestyle. This is why the company constantly needs beta testers to give valuable insight on their products. As a beta tester, a person will receive products to try out under real-life conditions. The beta tester will then fill out a report about the product, based on his or her experience. While this may take time and effort, the beta tester gets to keep the product after the field report is finished.
To apply for this exciting position, all a person needs to do is fill out the application form in the official NorCross page. A query search is used to find an appropriate beta tester for a specific product. To improve your chances of becoming a beta tester, it would be best to answer as many questions as you can, as best as you can. Doing so will increase your chances of being chosen, once a new product is released for testing.

The approved applicant will be contacted by a company representative via email. You will be sent an invoice, which you are to pay via credit card. Please note that the product is free. However, this stringent measure is used to ensure that the beta tester is actually sincere in his or her desire to test the product and not just someone who is looking to receive a free product. Therefore, once the field report is complete, the beta tester will receive a refund of the exact amount. This is applicable once the field test report is submitted in exactly 30 days after it was received.
NorCross, the makers of the Hawkeye fish finder range, is an innovative company that relies on the feedback of its customers. This is the main reason why the company is patronized by people around the world. If you are an outdoor enthusiast who wants quality devices and equipment to suit your specific needs, NorChill, iClear and HawkEye should be considered. Brave the great outdoors with high quality products that are meant to withstand harsh conditions. NorCross is definitely the world leader in technologically for advanced fish finders and outdoor equipment.