Tandem Fishing Kayaks for Friends

Tandem fishing kayaks While many people enjoy fishing with a friend or companion in a small boat or canoe, unless you have a tandem fishing kayak, you’re restricted to fishing alone or by using 2 single kayaks.

Tandem fishing kayaks may be the answer to this problem. A tandem fishing kayak can be managed quite well by one person but if you want to take a friend along, by having a tandem kayak, you can enjoy the company of another person such as your wife ,girlfriend, other family member or a friend.

In earlier days, tandem kayaks weren’t really designed as fishing kayaks but in more recent times, manufacturers have been designing tandem kayaks specifically for fishing.

One of the problems faced with earlier models was that they were difficult for one person to handle because the the occupant was sitting either too far forward of too far back but in more recent times, seats can be moved forward or backward to suit the most comfortable and practical position.

Problems with Tandem Fishing Kayaks

While using a tandem as a fishing kayak does have it’s problems, there are always simple solutions.

For example: Having two people sitting close together trying to fish with a rod, limits the fishing capabilities of both people because there just isn’t enough room to be casting baits or lures in ant direction you want. The solution to this is to have one person paddling while other does the fishing. You can take it turns as to who does what. If both people are paddling while moving around to try different spots, it’s a good idea to have the stronger paddler in the rear seat so he/she can control the boat more effectively by setting the paddle stroke speed and keeping in time with the person in the front.

You can’t expect a tandem fishing kayak to perform as well as a single but nevertheless you can enjoy the company of another person which can over ride the lack of performance of a single.



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